Eternally Yours: Illustrated Stories of Eternal Ro, by Janet Hetherington

eternally-yours-illustrated-stories-of-eternal-ro-by-janet-hetheringtonGenre: Horror
Publisher: Best Destiny
Published: 2001
Reviewer Rating: fourstars
Book Review by Lisa DuMond

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Remember those comic books you grew up on? Remember the mushy ones with titles that always had to include the word “romance” or “heartbreak” or “true”? It may well be that only us females, and a few males with a well developed feminine side read these trashy little mags, but somebody was buying an awful lot of them. Even as we were reading them, though, we were aware of how corny they were–those who didn’t probably have successful careers in stalking.

Of course, most of us are grown now and we are too old for that kind of thing; it’s all right if we’re seen with “graphic novels,” but comics are strictly out. Wrong.

How about a mushy, trashy comic for the Buffy, The Vampire Slayer audience? Maybe with a science fiction, fantasy, or horror slant to each story, if not a bit of all three. And what if it was a comic with tongue firmly in cheek? (That would be Hetherington’s tongue in her own cheek. Don’t be so juvenile.)

Eternally Yours is a blend of the best of true confession comics and the romantic notions that persist about vampires, werewolves, etc. And here’s the best part: it doesn’t take itself seriously. From narrator and vampire Destine’s perpetual search for a decent man, to Ankh, her wiseass cat, this is a far cry from the sloppy sentimentality of other romance comics. The stories are stuffed with sexy witches, hunky aliens, and even a very active mummy. That’s not even counting the vampires and shapeshifters you’ve come to expect. There are the usual typhoons of tears and it’s always love at first sight. But, there are some big differences, too. Let’s just say that till-death-do-us-part isn’t a big concern for these couples.

Eternally Yours romance doesn’t cover the part where forever starts to really seem like forever; if there are messy divorces (and in this circle, messy would be the only kind) they aren’t covered in this series. eternal alimony is a possibility.

Eternally Yours isn’t perfect in many ways. The art is not of the highest quality–perspective problems and the like. One can only be surprised to find their date has no reflection so many times. And it’s still going to be more enjoyable for the adolescent reader. But, it is a comic, after all, one without pretensions. You can overlook a lot in fiction with that kind of self-deprecating attitude.

If you are thinking about making some snide comment; be aware that Hetherington has already beaten you to it. You know you’re curious about Eternally Yours now, so give it a try. Besides, you’ve just about worn out those Beauty and the Beast tapes and you’re going to be looking around for some other outlet for your passionate soul. Even if you don’t have a soul.

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