The Witching Well, by S.D. Hintz

The Witching Well, by S.D. Hintz book coverGenre:  Young Adult Horror
Publisher:  Grinning Skull Press
Published: 2018
Reviewer Rating: three stars
Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths

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The Witching Well, by S.D. Hintz is a young adult horror novel. It centers around a fourteen-year-old boy named Murray.  Murray is not doing well. He has just lost his mother to a brutal murderer and has been forced to move into a creepy small town with his grandmother.

Almost at once, eerie things begin to occur. Most of these revolved around the three older woman, who he quickly began to think of as witches. They meddled with him, threatened him, and gave him a bug which burst into flame and could have burnt down his grandmother’s house.

The tension builds when Murry discovers one of the women is keeping another young boy in her basements. When Murray tries and fails to rescue him, he plays his hand and the women move in to finish their fiendish plans.

As I mentioned, this is a book for young adults, where I would think we are shooting for a younger age, then say, ‘The Hunger Games.’ This novel would be closer to Goosebumps, with perhaps a stronger dose of evil thrown in.

Weaker points of this novel include the slow build up to a short climax. I am not sure this would be a good book to get your young teen to read instead of finishing his video game. I am not saying it is right or good, but people are going to have to step up their game to keep the attentions of kids who have seen things like the Transformer movies and are playing Fall Out. I do not wish to be mean, but this is just a reality authors will need to face when writing for the cell phone/internet at my fingers’ generation. Murray is also passive during most of the climax.

This being said, this book would be great for young individuals who already enjoy reading and like a strong dash of mystery and horror in what they read. I also might have given this a higher grade if I was a younger reader, but as an adult, it did not move me enough. A good one to grab for the young readers you know to get then ready for Halloween.

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