Night Terrors, by John A. Pitts

Night Terrors, by John A. Pitts book coverGenre: Horror
Publisher: Wordfire Press
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Reviewer: Jarla Tangh

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Wanna follow around a lesbian female badass with only slightly more social skills than Lisbeth Salander of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fame? Hey! I know it’s a different genre and there is no hacking in this urban fantasy but, wanna read about what Arha/Tenar/Goha from the Earthsea series might have been like if she did without the skirts, spent more time smithing, and scooted around on 100+ horsepower on a regular basis?

Gimme. Gimme.

Also are you the kind of reader who places value on the too-often maligned feminine traits of conferring with others, rather than always going it alone, being indirect, or being concerned with childcare? Can we agree to give a shout out to an Omega wolf who has found a place and pack of her own? Does the majority of a First Person POV mixed with occasional third person sections agree with you? Meet Sarah Beauhall. Or meet her again if you’ve already been reading.

What kept me going was wondering what was going to happen to Katie. Katie already seemed vulnerable and by the time she and others were affected by unleashed magic tossed Sarah into the spotlight. Sarah’s efforts mattered more than the array of helper characters who surrounded her.

That’s not a snipe, that’s an observation. For Her Tangh-i-ness to really sink her teeth into a reading experience, she has to care. Her Tangh-i-ness worried that Sarah might lose. She worried that Sarah would start wanting someone else because it was easier to manage than the grief of not being able to make a difference.

Okay then. This ain’t Her Tangh-i-ness’s first foray into the middle of a series because she did not happen to read book 1. However, with this book, this reader read feeling kind of clueless because she did not already know who all these other people were or why Her Tang-i-ness should take notice of them.

There were some characters who naturally stood out like Jai Li, Bub, Nidhogg, and Qindra. Jimmy, Katie’s brother, took a little longer to get close to or figure out. What would have really knocked this adventure out of the park for me was more time spent with Bowler Hat man. Her Tangh-i-ness truly does appreciate a distinctively dressed villain.

This copy of Night Terrors was an electronic edition provided by the author. Her Tangh-i-ness usually reviews on a for-the-love basis. No lucre has been involved.

Jarla Tangh

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