Survival Ties, by Trisha Leazier

Survival Ties, by Trisha Leazier book coverGenre: Zombies
Publisher: Body Count
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Survival Ties by Trisha Leazier is a recently released Zombie Apocalypse novel, which I would also add is written for the Young Adult crowd. If you have a young daughter that loves The Walking Dead since she sneaked over to her friend’s house to watch it, this book is for her.

The beginning of the plague hits close to home for seventeen year old Ashlyn when her sister is one of the first people to become a Red Eye. The outbreak takes over quickly and she finds herself joining up with three adults. The team quickly grows as they use a tour bus to pick up more teens along their way to a place their leader, Sam, thinks they will all be safer.

They run into trouble along the way, but again, nothing to gruesome for teen readers. Much of the book focuses on the growing relationships these teens develop with strangers during such a crisis. They become a family, with maybe a few of the kids leaning into budding relationships.

There is some action too, but it is more of the slam the door shut, ‘good we escaped,’ versus the, ‘I’m surrounded by twenty undead, Ned just got his throat bitten out and I’m already bathed in the blood of a dozen fallen.’

Possible downsides of this book could include it comes off a little ‘green.’ Still that could make it seem more genuine to younger readers. For a horror, it didn’t have too many fingernails digging into the seats moments. Also they say their goal is only 150 miles away at one point but it takes them days to drive there.

Ashlyn is a sweet girl who finds herself trying to deal with the impossible. If you are looking for a blood and guts zombie book, this is not for you, but I am going to give it a score for what it is, a Young Adult Zombie novel. If your kids are into zombies, but you do not want to fed into the madness, this might be a great book for you to give them. I will read the next one if I get a chance.

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