The Awakened Modern, edited by Hal Greenberg and Greg Schauer

The Awakened Modern, edited by Hal Greenberg and Greg Schauer book coverGenre: Superhero Anthology
Publisher:  eSpec Books
Published: 2017
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Reviewer: David L. Felts

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eSpec delivers another fun anthology with The Awakened Modern.

It seems a second moon from some other dimension has abruptly appeared in our sky, and it has awakened latent powers within the populace (a la the S. T. A. R. labs of DV comics renown). Some of the “awakened” use their powers for good, and some not so much.

The Awakened Modern is the third anthology to take place in The Awakened role playing universe created by game designer Hal Greenberg. The appearance of the moon and the sudden abilities some people acquire lead to stories bout people discovering their abilities for the first time, and the limits of those abilities, all of which takes place in a world gone a bit topsy-turvy because of these sudden changes. “Us” and “them” is a common theme in the stories.

But when have humans not looked for some way to segregate themselves?

All told a fun, if not entirely original, read.

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