Clade, by James Bradley

Clade, by James Bradley book reviewGenre:  Science Fiction
Publisher:  Titan Publishing
Published: 2018
Reviewer Rating:  4.5
Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths

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Clade, by James Bradley, is a science fiction novel which might turn out to be a literary novel when his very accurate predictions most likely come true. The novel is person focused and follows an extended family as they grow up during the colossal changes occurring to the planet and society from the results of global warming.

During the novel, decades pass as family members come and go. All the while, the crisis created by global warming grows and creates problems ranging from domestic issues to a giant flood a team of three generations fights to escape. The effects of globing warming increase slowly over the years, but often family matters still come first.

Yet as the tension level of the governments escalate, so does the potential danger to their lives. At other times, a slow burn begins to evaporate the standard of living for even the more well off. In other places, they are finding half of their country submerged. As some countries fall into crisis, more governments seek to limit immigration in the hopes to save the dwindling resources for their own people.

This book is well written, thoughtful, and researched. Not too much to whack with the critic’s stick here. If you are hoping for a disaster movie type of thing, you might need to look elsewhere. This novel focuses on people with the backdrop of a planet moving into danger. This is more of the thoughtful Oscar season flick then the summer blockbuster tidal wave thing.

The characters were thoughtful and well developed. The POV changed often, but I enjoyed when earlier characters would show up again. The novel also lays out a probable global warming process and educates the reader more than a bit along the way.

I enjoyed this one. Good chance to read a well written novel and learn more about global warming at the same time. Great effort. Titan strikes again!

Michael Griffiths

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