Bonded Agent, by David B. Riley

Bonded Agent, by David B. Riley book coverGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: WolfSinger Publications
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Bonded Agent by David B. Riley is a science fiction novel recently published by Wolfsinger Publications. The tale focuses on Sarah Meadows who works for the biggest insurance company on Mars. Do not let her job description put you off however, for Sarah lives a very exciting life and gets into adventures which grow in magnitude and importance as the novel progresses.

There are a few different races filling up our universe in this work and strangely, Sarah dislikes the people of Earth the most out of all of them. Although she is human, she ends up siding with the “lizard men” race known as the Tau. The Tau are at war with Earth, but not Mars or humanity. Sarah’s aid starts with small things, but soon she is conscripted into their army and is awarded the title of general.

As it turns out, she has the abilities of a major strategist and her skills for thinking of what no one else would consider, enables her to make choices which create situations where her enemies cannot keep up. This novel is inventive and has the feeling of an older type of classic like John Carter of Mars, where the story is more important than worrying over whether other races could exist in our solar system. I had no problem with this and found the different races and their cultures interesting. The Tau were almost more funny, because of their odd behaviors which did not mesh well with most humans.

I think this story rolled out well and Riley pulled off what he had set out to do. At first I felt concerned that each chapter felt like a short story strung together. I’m not a big fan of episodic fiction. Turns out though, this was not the case. If anything Riley tied up all the loose ends of this book better than most.

There was a bit of oddness running through the novel. Hard to put your finger on. The characters were likable, but often made choices which seemed a little off. Then again, if one was raised on Mars, you could end up being different.

I found this novel to be a hidden surprise. I was not expecting much, but found it a very enjoyable read. I loved the interaction of different cultures and species. I also liked how Sarah made her own rules. She thought of an idea which would work and she acted on it even when others found it irregular. I would recommend this book for science fiction fans and more so for the lovers of the classics. I would give anything else by Riley a read if I got the chance.

Michael D. Griffiths

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