Claire, by Kelly Kuntz

Claire, by Kelly Kuntz book coverGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: WolfSinger Publications
Published: 2011
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Claire, by Kelly Kuntz, is a science fiction novel. In the far-flung future a group of rough necks space fighters create a new field of employment revolving around protecting freighters from space pirates. It is an exciting and dangerous job, but the people are very loyal to each other. This is why it is so tragic when a miscalculation forces Claire to have to quit being a captain.

The brother of the woman Claire accidentally killed comes to visit the outpost in the hopes of exposing these protectors and giving them bad press. Instead he finds Claire broken and suicidal. Against all forms of good judgement, save his own feeling of what is right, he decides to dedicate his life to helping the crushed young woman.

Although there is a strong element of science fiction here as well as some space battle action, much of the novel becomes a mix of learning more about these people’s way of life and trying to pierce Claire’s crippling depression.

This book is more psychological than action packed. If you are looking for a new Star Wars this is not it. If you like exploring how new worlds could create new mental challenges for humanity, then this might be more your speed. It is a short novel, not much more than a novella, but it tells the story it sets out to do. Also, perhaps in this future humanity has evolved to a more enlightened state, but most of the people in the novel are very kind, which could be considered unrealistic, but hey, maybe the future is a better place.

This novel is well thought out and I found the mental health aspects realistic, which is something so many authors do not portray well. This is more of an introverted thinking novel, but if you enjoy such things, as I often do, you will find pleasure in seeing Claire’s struggle to reclaim her shattered life in this distant world.

Michael D. Griffiths

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