Extra Super Grande, by Yoss

Extra Super Grande, by Yoss book coverGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Restless Books
Published: 2015
Reviewer Rating: two and a half stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Extra Super Grande, by Yoss, is a comic science fiction tale. Not the longest book around, it just topped 150 pages and focused on the adventures of a planet jumping veterinarian who focused his attentions on working with the biggest creatures in the universe.

Yoss takes his time setting up a universe filled with the “Lucky Seven” races who all developed faster than light sped at the same time. More attention is given to the various comic aspect of these inter species relationships than action scenes. A good deal of this comedy revolves around the sexual possibilities of these different races with a strong dose of potty humor thrown in. For instance, the first of the only two real scenes which take place in the book involved the veterinarian of the giants going through the intestinal track of a giant worm looking for lost jewelry, which he lucky finds right before he is farted out.

Not a lot of action or even real time scenes. Mostly the narrator rambling about his upbringing and mulling over sexual concepts. Parts of the novel are funny, but most do not diverge to far from sex and potty humor.

More potential downsides of this one include that most of the dialog is in Spanlish. No offense to anyone, but I could only pick out one word in ten or twenty so all the dialog scenes were lost on me and I rushed through them. Also I appreciate humor and like to laugh, but most of his attempts were high school level at best.

I hate to bash on any author, but Super Extra Grande was more like Short Silly Rambling as far I was concerned.

Mike Griffiths Science Fiction

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