From Earth to Umbria, by Patricia Howell

From Earth to Umbria, by Patricia Howell cover imageGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher:  Xlibris
Published: 2018
Reviewer Rating: three and a half stars
Reviewer: David L. Felts

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It’s the far, far future, and Earth’s sun is about to go supernova, destroying all of the inner planets of the solar system, Earth included.

On the alien planet Umbria, located some 58 light years from Earth, Jarod Dask, Umbria’s leader, has decided to launch a rescue mission to bring some 1 million Earthings to Umbria to save them and their civilization. He puts together a team with is son  Araak in leading the rescue mission. Their goal is to travel to Earth, met key leaders, and help select the 1 million people who will head off to Umbria to establish a new human civilization.

Ostensibly a science fiction story in a far future, From Earth to Umbria is, at its core, a story about relationships. It has a strong flavor of Star Trek to it, in that the characters are striving to be their best selves, and in its hope for a positive future. It’s a story of people, alien or otherwise, who are sacrificing for a greater good–in this case saving the human race.

The writing was up to the task of presenting the tale, which, at it’s core, is a story of salvation and renewal, but not without sacrifice. I found it particularly apropos considering the current climate of anti-immigration/refugees currently swelling almost world-wide.

It serves as a reminder that one of the most powerful definers of character is what we do for others, not what we do for ourselves.

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