Izanami’s Choice, by Adam Heine

Izanami's Choice, by Adam Heine book coverGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Broken Eye Books
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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Izanami’s Choice by Adam Heine is an innovative Science Fiction novella with a Steampunk twist. It delivers on its boost to have Samurai verses Robots action and yeah it does. The setting takes place in a 1901 Japan, but this world is quite different from ours at the same time. Droids have taken over many jobs once done by humans. Itaru is a Ronin that blames the droids for the death of his son.

He takes it onto himself to be one of the only people able to fight these robots and is forced to do so often as a private detective. When a droid that has become, “Aware,’ shows up and begs him for help only moments before droid assassin descend on them and Itaru”s home is burned to the ground, Itaru becomes involved with a plot that could destroy Japan.

Itaru gains the help of his estranged daughter, who had become an expert of the droid’s construction. Together they try to fight off the robots who are disobeying their programming and attacking humans. Mysteries and betrayals plague them and things get bloody and sparky too.

This is a cool concept, but I might have liked to see it a be a bit longer. It was nice to be able to grab an intense action packed morsel, but it could have  been a full length novel if Heine wanted. Still short and tight is a pleasure too.

So if Science Fiction action and exploring cultures through different phases in time is something you enjoy, this is worth a read.

Michael D. Griffiths

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