In All Directions, by David Sherman

In All Directions, by David Sherman book coverGenre: Military SF
Publisher: Espec Books
Published: 2017
Reviewer Rating: three stars
Reviewer:  David L. Felts

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In All Directions, by David Sherman, is the second book in his The 18th Race series, covering military action by the Earth against a particularly aggressive alien species that invaded and destroyed the human colony world known as Troy. The 18th race refers to remnants of 17 other intelligent species human explorers have found, all of whom were seemingly destroyed by, it is hinted, by the 18th race.

In all Directions returns to the semi-autonomous world Troy, where the Marines of the 1st Marine Combat Force are locked in combat with the alien species humans have come to call the Dusters, the bird-like race who launched a surprise attack on Troy and wiped out all the colonists. When Corporal John Mackie and his squad from India Company aren’t fighting off wave after wave of alien attacks, they’re patrolling in an attempt to local Duster bases they can destroy.

While the Marines and other combat troops fight it out on the ground, in space above the planet the space ships of Amphibious Group 17 attempt to rescue the soldiers and sailors from wounded Navy star ships. And back on Earth, the president of the North American Union orders the formation of a field army to be dispatched to Troy to aid the outnumbered Marines and soldiers.

But things go from bad to worse when a new Duster fleet arrives and attacks the remaining warships of Task Force 8 and land new soldiers in a huge invasion army meant to defeat the human forces.

Like the first book, Issue in Doubt, the action here comes fast and furious. And, like the first book, the names came fast and furious, too quickly for me to keep up. If you read an enjoyed Issue in Doubt, you will no doubt find equal pleasure here with In All Directions. If, like me, you prefer more character driven stories, this probably isn’t the series for you.

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