Off Rock, by Kieran Shea

off-rock-by-kieran-shea book coverGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Titan Publishing
Published: 2017
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Reviewer: Michael Griffiths

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Off Rock, by Kieran Shea is a Science Fiction novel with the beginning 98% of the novel taking place on an asteroid being mined by the main characters. Jimmy is a grunt miner who’s getting a little old for the job and not too many options on how to move on. This changes when he happens on a hidden vein of gold. Getting caught means life in prison and being subject to experimentation, but this does not keep Jimmy from wanting to get himself–and the gold–Off Rock.

Jimmy’s first step is to team up with the station’s primary wheeler and dealer in black market goods. This person is untrustworthy at best, but his primary problem is his ex-girlfriend, who not only has it in for him, but is also his supervisor. The plot thickens as a beautiful assassin is sent to take out Jimmy’s partner because of all the money he owes to a crime organization.

Betrayals and lies start to build us and his ex suspects something is going on. Add to this Jimmy’s stash ends up being only a fraction of the size he thought it was. It’s enough to live on, but certainly not the life changing money for two people to split.

This book builds slowly as the tension continues to intensify. The last third becomes an exciting ride as chaos erupts on the mining asteroid. Jimmy is a likable character and you want to see him make it through this even when many of his problems are of his own creation.

If you are looking for hardcore science, this book might not be for you, although it uses many of the dangers of space, it is a very human story focusing on the dynamics between people more than repairing warp drives outside of black holes.

I enjoyed the character development and interaction, which took place in this novel. You really care about Jimmy by the time the climax of the novel crashes into you.

I would recommend this novel to lovers of science fiction and action in general. Again, Titan nails another rock star novel to their resume.

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