Sagitarius Whorl, by Julian May

sagitarius-whorl-by-julian-may bookGenre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Ballantine
Published: 2001
Reviewer Rating: two and a half stars
Book Review by Aaron M. Renn

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The third (and final?) book in the Rampart Worlds series is similar to the first two — another installment of the Continuing Adventures of Asahel Frost. Mr. Frost is the son of the founder of a major interstellar corporation, once an outcast, now reluctantly involved in the family business, seeing them through a legal dispute with a competitor who tried to do them in with dirty tricks.

But Asa’s true obsession is, as it has always been, his belief that the alien Haluk race is planning a major attack against humanity. This leads him on a daring mission to the remote Sagitarius Whorl in search of proof of his theory.

Anything spectacular here? Nope. But the book reads fast, and what’s more reads fun. Not every book needs to be some super-massive, deep and heavy read. This one is clearly on the light side, but not in a bad way. I don’t believe May had any intentions of this one being anything other than what it is. One warning I will give is that while this book is to some extent a standalone, it definitely helps to have read the previous two installments first. Since they are both similarly enjoyable, this should not be much of a hurdle to jump.

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