A Moon Called Sun, Christopher F. Cobb

A Moon Called Sun, Christopher F. Cobb book coverGenre: Science Fantasy
Publisher:  Darkwater Syndicate
Published: 2017
Reviewer Rating: three and a half stars
Reviewer: David L. Felts

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A Moon Called Sun, by Christopher F. Cobb, blends a fun mix of time travel, history, alien abduction, and interstellar war. If that sounds like a tall task, it is, but Cobb handles it admirably.

Trace Jackson goes fishing with his dog Skiff, discovers a Coast Guard boat in distress, and attempts a rescue, only to end up transported back in time to Florida circa 1818, just in time for the Seminole Indians to be attacked by Andrew Jackson. But the body-snatching aliens who botched his first abduction are determined to draft him into fighting their future war.

Josette Legard, a French resistance fighter in World War II, disappears, abducted by aliens to fight in their interstellar war. But events and growing suspicions make her wonder if she’s fighting for the good guys. At her side is diminutive Snow White of the post-apocalyptic year 7,000 (give or take), one of the few remaining humans. He fights because the aliens promised him his deepest desire… Josette.

The end result is time travel, intergalactic war, Nazis, aliens, Seminole Indians, a good dose of humor, and more, all mashed together and served hot. Its zaniness is its strength, but also a weakness, as the plot tends to careen wildly and the odd speech patterns of the aliens (due to their translator) can become wearying. Cobb has a penchant to get off track, and while the distractions are usually amusing, they don’t always drive the story forward.

I enjoyed A Moon Called Sun quite a bit. If wacky adventures are your thing, you will too.

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