Dead Space, by Ben Templesmith

Dead Space, by Ben Templesmith book coverGenre: Horror
Publisher: Titan
Published: 2013
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

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Dead Space is a graphic novel with the emphasis on graphic. Not for the faint of heart this one. It revolves around the people on a distant planet who think they discovered a marker which is part of a new religion, but instead have just discovered their deaths.

This marker, which is a huge twisted obelisk, first makes people overly aggressive. Some go mad, others turn to violence. As the bodies begin to pile up, they animate and that is when the real killing begins.

A few people realize what is happening in time to try to escape, but it could very well be too late. A feeling of horror and doom seeps from the pages. Dread mixes with danger and hopelessness as the survivors try to break free from the terror threatening to destroy everything they know.

Dead Space is a video game and this artwork here is inspired, if also sick, and creepy. Hints of some Alien overtones can be felt, but this is its own thing and the artwork is twisted, but impressive.

If this is your type of thing, I cannot see to many downsides. However, sometimes reading the dialog proved difficult. The font seemed small to me. Also, it was sick, dark, and very violent. If you do not want to see people torn apart you might want to avoid this one.

I enjoyed this and was happy Titan set it to me to check out. I often have a hard time remembering to read the graphic novels, but in this case, I am glad I motivated. If you like scary, sick horror, grab this one.

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