Roadkill on the Flipside, by Dean Ammerman

Roadkill on the Flipside, by Dean Ammerman book coverGenre: Science Fantasy
Publisher:  Darkwater Syndicate
Published: 2017
Reviewer Rating: three and a half stars
Reviewer: David L. Felts

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Roadkill on the flipside is billed as the fourth book in the Warrensburg Trilogy, so that lets you know you’re in for some ironic fun right from the start. My lack of experience with previous volumes wasn’t seem an issue and the book stood on its own fine.

Wilken and Alice are at home in Warrensberg, Minnesota, (aka Dorkville) when they are rather abruptly whisked away to the “Flipside” of outer space. Seems another EOE (End of Everything) event is at hand, and Wilken has been tasked to prevent it. Alice Jane discovers she’s been (incorrectly) declared dead, and sets off on a quest that will eventually have her team up with Wilken.

Their adventure takes place on an ancient, planet-sized spaceship undergoing a millennia long war. With the help of some cryptic scripture, they have to stop the black hole, end the war, and save the universe.

Alice Jane is a seventeen year-old somewhat super powered fashion aficionado who takes no guff. Sixteen year old Wilken is a rather timid fellow who somehow ends up as the not-so-secret “secret” hero (followed by a news crew) who will save the universe. Their adventures eventually bring them together in a control room where they have one last chance to save everything.

The fast-paced story is delivered in chapter that alternate between Wilken’s and Alice Jane’s point of view. This is a rather raucous and sometimes ridiculous–but always enjoyable–humorous adventure. I imagine it would appeal even more to its target age group of around 12-15.


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