The Unwinding by Juliana Rew

The Unwinding by Juliana Rew is a Science Fiction novel set in well, all places and times. Gin is a middle aged woman who gets separated from her small family as a rift in the multiverse opens up and swallows them. She then sets out on a quest to be reunited with them and also understand what has happened to her.


Genre:  Science Fiction
Publisher: Sophont Press
Released:  2019
Stars:  2.5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

This seems like a hard task when she first finds herself living only with the kindness of a freed slave family in 1827. Luckily for her she has the ability to grant herself wishes. She, however, keeps them humble and gets things more along the lines of a needed band aid instead of gifting the family which kept her alive with a few thousand dollars or a better house.

Soon she is traveling through space and time. She moves from place to place trying to figure out the truth behind the Unwinding, which is a danger to all existence.

This book did not really turn me on much. It seemed like a person who never reads tried to write a book. Characters felt shallow. I found myself drifting off and trying to read faster, just so I could get through a chapter.

I hate to be mean. I know our books are like our babies, but considering the flood of novels exploding across the globe, authors are going to need to step up to compete with the uncountable alternatives available to most readers, which is just a click away.

(Note: Although i was sent this novel for review, there is no cover available online and it is also unavailable on Amazon)

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