Dear Whoever, Bring Back Whole Almonds

I’m not sure when I first noticed it, a few weeks ago, I think. See, my building has a snack machine and it has three of my got-tos: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms Peanut, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds.

Now, I don’t¬†always eat candy at work, but when I do, it’s one of these. I tend to cycle, and the machine tends to run out of one or more of the three, but in any case, a few weeks ago, I slid in my dollar and watched the Hershey’s Bar flop out.

How I Eat a Hershey’s Bar: break off a little piece, place it in my mouth, let the chocolate melt, nibble on the remaining almond. This has the advantage of stretching out the enjoyable practice of Hershey’s Candy Bar Eating for a good long while. It can take me 30 minutes or more to finish one, mainly because of nibbling on the almond. See, the chocolate melts pretty quickly, but the almond… that’s the key to snack longevity.

Only now there’s no whole almonds. They’ve even replaced the image of the two whole almonds on the lower left of the front with the image of one whole almond and some chunks in the upper left, with the text almonds in every bite.




Sometime in the not so distant past, either Hershey’s replaced whole almonds with almond pieces, or the snack provider for my building has changed offerings. In any case, teh new bars aren’t nearly as satisfying. I don’t want almonds in every bite — I could already achieve that with strategic biting — I want whole almonds.

First, there are now uncomfortable almond edges that poke the roof of my mouth.

And second, and most important, there’s no almond to nibble on after the chocolate melts. Their just these sharp-edged fragments, most of them not even large enough to break apart with my incisors, and certainly not large enough for me to slowly scrape away at with the edges of my teeth. This has regulated the once competitive Hershey’s bar to a permanent third place in the snack machine candy hierarchy.

So, I’m asking you, whoever you are: bring back whole almonds.


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