Deadpool 2

deadpool 2 movie reviewGenre:  Super Hero
Produced by:  Disney
Released: 2018
Reviewer Rating: four and a half stars
Reviewer:  Michael D. Griffiths

Deadpool, is the name of the movie, the name of the main character, and both are damn funny. Without a doubt this is not only the funniest action movie of any genre I have seen in a long while, but this movie also packs more laughs than about 75% of the comedies I see.


Deadpool runs into trouble and feels low, although this just makes his comedy even darker. After some soul searching, he decided to join the X-men, but even though this does not work out, it exposes him to his chance for redemption. This involves saving a young mutant, who is about to become a super-villain unless Deadpool can keep him from taking his first life.


The action tries to catch up with the comedy and does a great job. This movie is just plan fun. Deadpool often addresses the audience, with gives the movie an honest feel and probably has a chance to educate some of the viewers out there. Deadpool’s team of mutants, which he gathers from scratch, is awesome and some of the guest characters make things a lot of fun.


Deadpool grows a little as a character, unless he is lying through the whole thing. But seriously, he does find a vein of purpose and more than a dash of hero and tries to fan those embers. You can not help but route for the guy even if he does seem to acquire a lot of collateral damage to humans along the way.


This is just a fun enjoyable movie. Maybe it is not too serious, perhaps a bit childish, but why do we see movies anyway? The reason this one did not get the full 5 Stars was I found the motivation for the redemption a little weak, the whole back story felt like just a device to drag Deadpool along, so he did not just stay home and drink. Still, I am glad it did for it was a fun ride.

If you like hero movies, go see this and if you like comedies, you might be surprised to find a super hero movie will be the funniest movie you see this summer.


Michael Griffiths


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