Wonder Woman

wonder woman movie posterWonder Woman (2017), PG-13
Directed by Patty Jenkins
Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya
Rating four and a half stars
Reviewed By Xavier Emaka

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For quite some time DC has been taking a beating. The Dark Knight Trilogy have been the only films to receive positive nods from the critics with so far only one DC movie hitting the billion dollar mark in contrast to Marvel’s three. Hopefully, Wonder Woman is here to change that.

The film starts with a young Diana Prince watching the Amazons train, eager to join, but she’s held back by her mother. Queen Hippolyta tells Diana that she hates fighting because the Amazons were created after man was corrupted by Ares, and that their purpose was to try to undo Ares’s corruption by influencing men. Instead, the Amazons rebelled in a war that had both Zeus and Ares intervene. Zeus struck Ares down and left the Amazons with a sword that could kill a god. It would only be used when Ares returned.

Years go by and Queen Hippolyta catches Diana being trained by General Antiope (Robin Wright). She is upset with the training being very protective of her daughter. However, she eventually relents and instead demands Diana be trained harder than any Amazon has been trained before. One day after training, Diana sees a plane crashing into the ocean. She swims to it to investigate and manages to rescue its pilot, Steve Trevor, the first man she’s even seen.

With the lasso of truth, Steve is forced to reveal that he is a spy in the ongoing World War I. Diana hears of the world war and at once concludes that it is the work of Ares. She asks the Amazons to go fight in it but her mother refuses. Diana decides to take the god killer sword and have Steve lead her to the new world to try and stop Ares’s plans.

There’s a lot to like about this movie. We could start with director Patty Jenkin’s decision no to turn Wonder Woman into a gritty post-modern film similar to Superman. Instead, she brought to screen the Wonder Woman that was a comic book hit. Gal Gadot nails the role as do all the actors. Some are a surprise. I did not recognize and wouldn’t even have known Robin Wright was in the film until the credits at the end.

The CGI is spectacular; something DC has been investing in for quite some in their pursuit of big comic names. If there’s one thing Wonder Woman and Deadpool’s success has taught us it’s that the script doesn’t need the biggest names behind the camera for it to be a hit.

Conclusion: This is a great origin story. In fact, it might be the one to finally start DC’s turnaround, and is one of the highlights of 2017’s blockbuster season.

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