New SYFY Series – Aftermath is Surprising End of Days Entertainment

Premier date: September 2016
Created by William Laurin
Genres: Drama, Science Fiction, Apocalypse 
Review by Amy Romine

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Aftermath starring Anne Heche, best known for Volcano, Six Days Seven Nights and Men in Trees, and James Tupper known for Revenge and Resurrection are married couple struggling to keep themselves and their three children safe as the world begins to fall apart around them.

The official SYFY blurb for Aftermath is as follows, The Copeland family battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

Intrigued by the premise of Aftermath, and drawn in by the casting I thought I would give it a shot. With very little expectations I sat through the pilot, RV 6768. To my surprise, by the end of the show I was looking forward to the next episode, In Rats Alley, to which I promptly watched.

Again, very little expectations here, even going into episode two and yet again by the end I was looking for more. SFYF has created a wonderful mix of natural and supernatural elements. The viewer is positioned as a member of the Copeland family not knowing the full truth of anything. Much like the creators of the Walking Dead, Aftermath leaves us in the dark with little hints of what is coming throughout. Very well done indeed.

Karen Copeland is a retired air force pilot and her husband, Joshua Copeland is a history / archeology / religion professor at the college. Their children are a mix of the two strengths, the eldest son, Matt, being more like his mother in wanting to join the Peace Corp and being familiar with a gun, while the twin daughters are polar opposites. Dana, a book smart genius, while Brianna is a social butterfly. The events of the series, including skin walkers, huge winged creatures flying off with horses and cataclysmic solar bursts all mixing the realms of science and biblical prophecy challenging the individuals, the group and viewer to try and figure out what the hell is going on.

The pace is excellent, the plot swiftly moves the characters from one position to another. No one is pacing a dark room wondering what to do next, which in so many cases will stall a story. The Copeland’s are literally propelled into this new and ever changing world forcing the family to experience, confront and defend their own beliefs and limitations.

Like the Walking Dead the core is the Copeland family, but there is plenty of room for new characters and dynamics to join the party.  We have already seen the beginnings of expansion with the additional of Karen Copeland’s sister, a nurse, added into the mix as well as a caravan of other survivors, many we have yet to meet following along for the ride.

Series writing and directing are all new and upcoming artists which I think is a good sign of what’s to come. The special effects are subtle and used when needed for the plot. Also a good sign, as shows that are overly loaded with CGI tend to be weaker on the plot side of the house.

I have watched two episodes so far and I am on board and looking forward to the next slice of Aftermath. Looks like they already have 13 episodes loaded so we are looking at least a good first run of Aftermath.

Aftermath is on SYFY on Tuesdays 10/9c, check your local listings.

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