USA’s Falling Water Fails to Deliver

falling-water-tv-series posterCandle Cove
Premier date: September 2016
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Creators: Gale Anne Hurd, Blake Masters, Henry Bromell
Genres: Paranormal
Review by Amy Romine

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A mind-bending drama about three disparate people who discover that they share a subconscious link via a dream.

Falling Water’s premise is rooted in the story of three unrelated people, who are unknowingly sharing the same dream. Burton, a the security agent for a commodities firm, is searching for his missing girlfriend. Tess is a lucrative artist and trend spotting expert is searching for a child she has no memory of having except in her dreams. Take is a special investigator and looking to cure his catatonic mother. Each is dreaming partial answers to their individual plights.

This framework could work in theory. However, if I am being honest, this to me feeling like someone wanting to replicate the success of Netflix’s Sense8. Horrible, but it needs to be said. If that is the case this series is going to fail.

The first episode of Falling Water was drab, predictable and confusing. There were instances where I think the writers were attempting to reveal something to the audience and the message is just not connecting.  I, as the viewer, and lover of dreaming, sleeping and the mysticism therein is looking for a reason to believe that there are more to dreams than meets the sub-conscious. There was nothing in Falling Water that makes me want to believe, or even sparks my interest at the possibilities of what Falling Water as a show will or will not explore.

The casting was well thought out and the performance of the ensemble is notable, despite the confusing context. Barton is played by David Ajala, best known for his roles in The Dark Knight, Fast & Furious 6 and Jupiter Ascending. Tess is played by Lizzie Brocheré, best known for Versailles and The Strain. Take is played by Will Yun Lee, best known for Hawaii Five-0, San Andres, Spy and True Blood.

So doing additional research as I tend to do, the creators of Falling Water are Henry Bromell, know for Homeland, and Homicide and Blake Waters known for Law and Order Los Angeles and 2 Guns. So you have a huge contrast of knowledge and experience between the two, and since Bromell has since passed away in 2013, I am thinking Falling Water was not as thought out as it should have been before hitting the USA screen.

All of that said I could be completely out of my depth and flat out wrong, it could all make perfect sense in the next two episodes and I will hail the creative gods for blessing us with such a masterpiece. I will state, for the record, the odds are not in Falling Water’s favor. I am very good at what I do and I see Falling Water quickly falling off the rating and the DVR schedule.

We shall see, let the three episode challenge begin! If you are just joining out conversation here at SF Reader here is how the three episode challenge works, I give This is a test I’ve developed after years of television watching. It is simple, and works wonders in the judgment of whether a show is engaging and potentially lasting. When a show premieres I give it three chances, three episodes to hook me.  Why three? Well, I’ve found many times it will take three episodes to completely flesh out the potential of a show. Thus, three. If you can’t hook me in three, I doubt you will be around next season to hook me at all.

Falling Water is on USA Thursday’s at 9 PM CST, check your local listings for specific channel.

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