NBC’s Timeless Makes Me Wonder if I am Wasting My Time

timeless-tv-series-2016 posterTimeless
Premier date: September 2016
Created by Eric Kripke, Shawn Ryan
Genres: Drama, Science Fiction
Review by Amy Romine

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Protect the Past, Save the Future

The U.S. government asks a scientist, a history professor and a soldier to utilize their expertise and risk their lives by travelling back in time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.

Starring Abigail Spencer as history professor Lucy Preston is known for her roles on Suits, Rectify and Mad Men and Matt Lanter as Special Operations Officer Wyatt Logan who is known for his roles on 90210 and Star-Crossed.

In the pilot episode Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan are retrieved by Homeland Security, specifically Agent Denise Christopher, played by Sakin Jaffery known for her roles in House of cards and Mr. Robot, when an unknown group, lead by Garcia Flynn, played by Goran Visnjic, breaks into a research facility owned by Billionaire Conner Mason.  This unknown group of men jumped into Mason’s privately funded time machine, headed for May 6th 1937 or aka the Hindenburg disaster.

Fortunately, they have a second time machine, the original prototype or as they call it, ‘the lifeboat’ that resembles a metallic eyeball. Mason and Christopher explain the situation as ask Preston, Logan and a member of the research team, Rufus Carlin to chase the unknown men back in time and stop whatever they are planning to do.

So that, in a nutshell, in the premise of Timeless. NBC is touting this as one of their new gems. Action and adventure packed, a new favorite!

After the first episode I am not overly impressed. The plot is a tad predictable, you can see the wow moments coming from miles away as well as the seedlings of character depth peeking through and not in a good way.  The sense of urgency that propels the characters through the episode is flimsy, as well as the lack of chemistry between the lead characters.

The writing is again formulaic and stale, writer Shawn Ryan is known for The Shield and Last Resort, and Eric Kripke is known for Revolution and Supernatural

First look tells me Timeless may have some promise but it is going to need some work if the show is going to last. The novelty of time travel is overly used as it is, the ramifications and or life altering changes are frankly old hat and a little boring. I am looking for something with new spin, a fresh take and having a little more depth.

The character arches seem forced and at times out of place. I wanted a little more gritty reality and not the picturesque scene from the past. The novelty will wear off and viewers, like me, will need a different reason to watch. Characters, chemistry, and an intriguing plot would be nice.  Our characters are moving back in time, can we use this as a mirror to our own times? The past repeats itself and it would be great to show what we are fighting for or against, not just the ‘threat’ of changing the present (which may not all that bad).

I am not striking down Timeless all together, it could get better as it goes but I will only give Timeless three chances. Thus the three episode test. I will give Timeless three chances to pull me in and add them to my DVR list.

Timeless in on Monday nights, 10/9C on NBC (after the Voice), check your local listings for channel.

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