Shivering World, by Kathy Tyers

Shivering World, by Kathy Tyers book coverGenre: Faith Based Science Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Published: 2004
Reviewer Rating: four and a half stars
Book Review by Heather Hunt

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Travel to the far reaches of our galaxy with Graysha Brady-Phillips, a gene-altered scientist who seeks a cure for her disease from the Lwuites, a religious group who have volunteered to help terraform and colonize a planet in the Eps Eri System.

The year is 2134 and Earth’s atmosphere has turned sour, forcing the population to spread across the galaxy in domed habitats. Brady-Phillips has rejected her mother’s religion, the Church of the Universal Father, but is far from irreligious. In addition to her hopes for healing, she wants to learn what the Lwuites believe.

She arrives on the planet to replace the soils-microbiology specialist whose death is deemed a homicide – and quickly becomes embroiled in the tensions between the colonists and the Gaia Consortium, which is footing the bill for the terraforming project. She finds herself drawn to Lindon DalLierx, an Lwuite believer who risks the colonists’ safety by loaning Brady-Phillips one of their holy books: The gospel of John.

Readers who enjoy good science – and lots of it – will enjoy this fascinating look at all the know-how it takes to terraform a planet. When the murder plot is revealed, the book could have taken a turn into stalking and running and sleuthing, and left the science in the dust. Thankfully, the author resists that easy plot device and continues to provide intelligent discussions about terraforming, colonizing, and believing within the fast-paced narrative.

Kathy Tyers, most famous for her Star Wars books, “Truce at Bakura” and “Balance Point,” weaves a strong science-driven plot with intriguing character revelations and religious subplots. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy science fiction but not the genre’s godless tendencies.

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