Enterprise: Daedalus’s Children Part 2, by David Stern

Enterprise Daedalus Children Part 2, by David Stern book coverGenre: Star Trek
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 2004
Reviewer Rating: two and a half stars
Book Review by David L. Felts

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Daedalus’s Children is part 2 of the story begun in Daedalus and the second book I cranked through during Hurricane Jeanne, some of it by flashlight since we had no power. The first book found the Enterprise and crew in an alternate universe and caught up in a civil war between the Denari planetary government and the Guild, and organization of free miners who lived in the asteroid belt.

While the first book primarily followed Commander Tucker, this one flips back and for between Tucker and Captain Archer as Stern starts to take all his plot threads and twists them together. War looms as different factions of the Denari government jostle for power, threatening the lives of millions of innocent civilians. Although not from that universe, Archer and Tucker feel some responsibility to help, since the whole situation arose from the loss of the alternate Daedalus and its corresponding Starfleet technology. Salvation for the Denari may rest on the shoulder of a 12 year-old boy, who is both more and less than he appears.

As in the first book Daedalus, Stern’s writing accomplishes what it needs to; his facility at evoking the characters from the show remains high. There’s a lot more twisting and turning here however, as alliances are formed and broken between factions of Danari and hidden information comes to light.

In my review of Daedalus, I mentioned that its greatest appeal would be to Enterprise fans; that’s even more the case here, with the additional caveat that Daedalus’s Children doesn’t really stand alone. If I hadn’t read the first, I don’t think I would have been nearly as interested in the second. If you’re a Star Trek fan, and an Enterprise fan in particular, you’ll enjoy this. I don’t seen general science fiction fans, however, finding much here.

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