Levade, by Evey Brett

Levade, by Evey Brett book coverGenre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher:  Loose ID
Published: 2013
Reviewer Rating: four stars
Reviewer: Jarla Taugh

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Levade is a book for those unafraid to feel. In terms of raw emotion and execution, it surpassed the first book Capriole.

It’s all about the Lipizzans. Well, no, but there’s major horse flesh capering about in the fields of the reader’s mind. Her Tangh-i-ness got her wish to spend more time with the four-legged cast members. And the significance of the title Levade proves to be no accident.

Think about the mystery of Rosebud in the movie Citizen Kane. No, there aren’t any sleds or newspaper tycoons in Levade, just two wounded men in love and their mutual decision to make now matter more than their pasts. By the way, oodles of sex ooze from the pages for the uninhibited. Definitely not for kids.

These homosexual and heterosexual couplings take place not only between the major characters, but outside that primary relationship. Do remember this is a Loose Id title. Titillation and arousal will be par for the course. Many climaxes to follow.

Writing a sequel is hard work. There’s the original journey of returning characters established, new characters to introduce, and there’s effort required to take the reader to a satisfying space that they haven’t been before and yet make the ending grow out of all that has come before. Frankly, at times, Her Tangh-i-ness wanted to throttle either Lukas or Felipe for making a muddle of things but she trusted the author.

It’s an excellent sign when a reader is having conflicts with imaginary people. It means a reader cares about what’s happening. A reader who cares enough to get to The End, feels triumphant and likely to remember that fictional journey for a long time. And if the reader especially appreciates the journey, others get to hear about it.

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