The Dark Matter, by DM Flexer

The Dark Matter, by DM Flexer book coverGenre: Fantasy
Publisher: Xlibris
Published: 2016
Reviewer Rating: three stars
Book Review by Michael D. Griffiths

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The Dark Matter by DM Flexer is a fantasy novel more than anything else, although there are some odd dashes of science fiction thrown in. It takes place on Atlantis, which is a progressive city wise before its time and led by president Seneca.

The readers are quickly introduced to the leaders of this impressive island as well as their Amazon enemies. After this brief stage setting the Amazons attack. The warrior women are mighty and the island is hard pressed to defend itself as are its leaders. The women proceed to rape many of Atlantis’ leaders including a rather long scene where Seneca is beat up and then molested.

The Amazons are beaten back, but they leave the island in a state of horror and death and this all happens before you are halfway through this short novel. The terror of war is laid at the reader’s feet, and Seneca escapes from the Amazons only to discover his wife is dying, but then at the last moment aliens arrive and save her with a healing potion.

The aliens offer to remove the remaining citizens because the island will soon go under the waves and/or be revisited by the Amazons. Soon the choice has to be made whether these people will move from earth to a planet where the new sun’s rays will transform them into animals.

I have to say the author fits a lot of plot twists and varied action in such a short novel and appears to have set it up for a sequel. The character development is done well, but we are still rushed through intense situations very quickly. I am not sure what the point of making helpless men get raped so often, but perhaps he is trying to get a message across about how awful it is for anyone.

This book was alright, but did not really thrill me. I liked Seneca, although some of his inner turmoil seems a bit silly. Rape is never fun, but I doubt think I would be having nightmares about a dead woman who forced a kiss on me. Men just do not react the same way to such things. Hell, I’ve had that happen to me a few times myself and never lost sleep over it. I might read the next one if I got it for free, but I would not be rushing to do so.

Michael D. Griffiths

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