Immortality by Nick M. Lloyd

Immortality by Nick M. Lloyd is a Science Fiction novel set, well… in April and May of this year. When I was reading it, the different days of the week were listed with the date, which I found strange for it was the same week I read the book. I read most of this novel and finished it on a vacation, which is always the best way to read a book and it pleased me, quite greatly, I had picked such a fine book to complete during my trip.

Genre:  Science Fiction
Publisher: Sampson Communications
Released:  2019
Stars:  4.5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths 

The novel has several points of view, but mostly follow the lives of Tim and his friend Samantha as they become directly involved with helping make some sense of the messages the Earth receives from an alien race. These incoming aliens state the Earth is in danger and will have its atmosphere torn away by incoming cosmic rays.

The alien race claims they are there to help, but Tim, Sam, and many others are not so sure. Both the heroes work for a tech giant billionaire who is charged with sending supplies into space to assist the aliens. They quickly find themselves at the lockdown site as things on Earth grow tense. Some countries become more hostile to the aliens and when some of the ‘rescue pods’ sent to Earth start to leak radiation, everyone’s stress level is pushed to the edge.

Things get crazy quick, but this novel is full of tense suspense, I do not intend to ruin. This is an exciting, fact paced novel where the reader is kept in the dark as much as the cast. The author writes well and the characters are strong and atypical.

Not to many things to throw sticks at with this one. A few things did not completely add up to me and some of the character’s motivations seemed a bit vague.

Overall this is a fine work. Nice to have a science fiction novel set in our time. It is also fascinating to see what our current technology could do when fighting against a more advanced race. Science Fiction fans should eat this one up. Also lovers of Thrillers in general will enjoy this. Great summer novel.

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