Redhead by Ian Cook

Redhead by Ian Cook is a Dark Fantasy novel set during our current era. It revolves around a reporter, Rebecca, and her new friends, a scientist name Jim and an archeologist named Larry. Rebecca discovers strange doings regarding redheads. There had been assaults and disappearances. Since she is a redhead herself, her supervisor asks her to investigate the events.

Redhead by Ian CookRedhead by Ian Cook
Genre:  Dark fantasy
Publisher: Matador
Released:  2012
Stars:  4 Stars
Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths

As the disappearance and attacks increase, Rebecca and her friends begin to travel to several countries and they discover redheads are being sacrificed. Then Rebecca is almost sacrificed, but is saved by supernatural intervention. Things get serious, but people are dying, so the small team continues to hunt for the facts.

A potential enemy, Nerferatu, is discovered and the magnetic pole may be changing. Not sure if these are related, the team continues on with their investigation. Nerferatu targets Rebecca and as she gets into more danger, Jim and others begin to grow angry with redheads worldwide. The author does a great job keeping both the characters and reader in the dark. A very good example of, ‘show me don’t tell me.’

The story flows well and there is a good amount of action. It also grows into an epic tale. I enjoyed the various locales used and I imagine the author did more than a little research to draw these ancient symbols together so well.

This is a strong novel, but might be a tad to long. The characters are a bit flat. Sometimes their actions seem inconsistent, but in the case of Jim, this was do to the affects of the upcoming ritual. Also how Rebecca always gets saved in the same manner becomes repetitive.

I enjoyed this novel and read the first half in one sitting, which increased its intensity. I think Dark Fantasy fans will enjoy this one. Readers who like mythology and the history of Northern Africa should also get a kick out of this.

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