Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton

Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton is a science fiction novel set in a far flung time when alien contact has helped dynamically improve the level of our technology. This is a huge novel with over 550 pages and a huge undertaking as the author follows the lives of numerous people living both across the globe and the galaxy  The novel is really more of a series of short stories all moving within the same shared universe and spanning numerous decades.

Salvation by Peter F. Hamilton 1


Genre:  Science Fiction

Publisher: Del Ray

Released: 2018

Stars:  3.5 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths




The novel lets us view a dozen trails moving through the lives of creatures both human and non. The stories sometimes interweave, but others pursue loose tangents. Over time the humans begin to discover there is a greater threat  than any of them would have imagined. Seemingly unrelated incidents start to expose clues which could lead to something which may affect our species forever.

Many of the concepts and updated uses of computer and bio tech were inventive, but believable. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of Hamilton’s predictions prove correct.

Downsides for me include, as soon as I started to like a character they would disappear from the book for two hundred pages. Also threads were built just to be left unfinished other than how they fit into a subtle decades spanning arc. I also felt side characters were given a stage, but I hadn’t developed enough of an interest in them to want to explore more. I had the feeling the author thought we wanted to see any aspect of this world no matter how off base from what we were already following.

It was a sweeping world the reader explores. One gets a wide vision of how the humans evolve between their tech and the additions learned from other bizarre species. The characters were smart and efficient. This is a giant undertaking and will impress the lovers of Science Fiction lucky enough to read it.


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