The Exiles of the New World by Conor P. Dempsey

The Exiles of the New World by Conor P. Dempsey is a science fiction novel with a strange dose of dystopia thrown in for flavor. The story revolves are a physicist named Kim and another scientist, Silva, who is going through a very different experience.

The Exiles of the New World by Conor P. Dempsey iii

Genre:  Science Fiction

Publisher: Iconic Publishing

Released: 2012

Stars: 4 Stars

Reviewer: Michael D. Griffiths



At the start of the book, Kim, his lover, and four other individuals wake up in a prototype ship heading toward a new type of black hole. They were kidnapped and none of them are happy in regards to their fate. Kim and the others learn more about each other as they try to both unravel the mystery of their situation while discovering a method where they could have a chance to survive.

Meanwhile Silva awakens to discover he is the last human alive on Earth. The entire planet is a depressing wasteland he begrudgingly explores, but each discovery only leaves him feeling worse.

Kim’s journey through space becomes more interesting and dangerous as secrets are exposed, but always is the looming endpoint which, unless Kim can figure out a solution, will mean all of their deaths.

The mission into space was suspenseful and the tension built well. I enjoyed this part more than Silva’s dismal exploration of a ruined Earth. I was not sure what the purpose of Silva’s journey was other than to prove there was no hope for humans and we had reached our end game. I found this made the more exciting part of the novel feel pointless, but I still enjoyed following Kim and the others toward their doom.

This was a great novel. Some of the hard science might have been missing in this fiction. Sort of a, “Hey, we can travel greater than light speeds because we found this blah,” but if you can look past this and the slower sections with Silva, I think you will find a stimulating and exciting ride into the unknown. Science Fiction lovers will enjoy checking this novel out.


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